The 5 Coolest Small Businesses in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known as a hotspot of movie stars, musicians and other celebrities, but did you also know that it is home to some of the coolest small businesses in the country?

Today, Los Angeles is a go-to destination for budding entrepreneurs and skilled small business owners looking to make waves in their respective industries. And, for many, they find success on the crowded streets of L.A.

The next time you are in The City of Angels, you may want to stop by these five cool small businesses:

1. Grill ‘Em All
Once in Los Angeles, you can kickstart your day with lunch at Grill ‘Em All, a popular burger spot located at 19 East Main Street, in the suburb of Alhambra. This former food truck pairs heavy metal music themes with good food, as all the items on the menu have appropriately titled names.


2. Light My Fire
In the mood to pick up some hot sauce for your kitchen? Once in L.A., you are in luck – Light My Fire is a specialty hot sauce store that offers up more than 1,000 varieties to choose from, including a wide range of other condiments. This spicy – yet still cool – small business provides the best selection around for residents to heat up their palates.

Light my Fire

3. Apt2B
This virtual store sells furniture with a unique flair not often found when looking for sofas. The employees behind Apt2B make it cool with a creative social media presence, friendly service and high energy.

Apt 2B

4. The Best Fish Taco in Ensenada
As your night begins to wind down, you may want to grab some dinner at The Best Fish Taco in Ensenada. This taco stand combines some of the best fish tacos around with laughter. On certain nights throughout the month, famed comedians stop by to perform, including Demitri Martin and Patton Oswalt.

Best Fish Taco in Ensenada

5. The Edison
Looking for a drink before the night is done? Then you should visit The Edison at 108 West 2nd Street #101. This bar is a cool small business for several reasons, including its location – inside an old power plant – and its decor, which calls on steam-punk motifs. It is a popular, sophisticated place for a beer or glass of wine.

The Edison

What are you favorite small business in Los Angeles? Tell us below.