Discover Journey

We’re here to facilitate the entrepreneurial journey. We do this by optimising the digital lending experience and nurturing relationships with our clients.

Discover Journey

We equip Canadian SMBs with the right credit products, tools, and insights, right when they need it to help turn their dreams and ambitions into reality.

Discover Journey

Customer centricity and empowerment are our true motivations. We believe in transparency, responsible lending, and providing bi-lingual service across Canada. But it is our team’s sincere desire to help that truly sets us apart. 

Our Values

Our values form the foundation of what we stand for. They’ll tell you what we’re about, what we believe in, and what we want to be going forward.


You are not just an employee, you’re a vital member of our team, and we’ll do everything we can to make you feel that way.


Businesses turn to us when they have big plans or unexpected challenges, and we are grateful for their trust. We will never take unnecessary risks for the sake of profit, because when they succeed, we do too.


When it comes to making decisions, we always try to find balanced solutions that consider the long view.


To create the best possible experience for employees and clients, you have to think fast, be proactive, and pivot on a dime. Because this industry is constantly moving.


It goes without saying but integrity and trust are very important to us. Whether it’s within our team our with our clients, we strive to be transparent in everything we say and do.

Our Promise

To give you the opportunity to build your career in a flexible workplace to where everyone works together to help small businesses succeed. Our promise is built on 4 distinct pillars that represent our commitment to employees.


You’re not working for us; you’re working with us.

We place a priority on teamwork. We love to put our heads together and brainstorm to help each other out, solve problems, and explore new opportunities to build the business. And everyone, from all levels, is encouraged to listen and participate. We actively seek and ask for feedback and act in response to it.


When you’re empowered, anything is possible.

We get it, life happens. We’re very aware that there will be days when you’ll need to take care of things that don’t have to do with work. At Journey, you have the flexibility you need to keep life under control. That means working from wherever you feel like. This flexibility extends to your professional growth too. We do our best to give you everything you need to thrive and make your work fulfilling.

Human Impact

Digital connection is always better with human interaction.

Our business in built around online lending. However, we believe it’s important for people to deal with people. So, we place a great deal of importance on human interactions between colleagues and clients.

Professional Growth

It’s part of your Journey.

We recognize the fact that every employee brings immense value to the table. For that reason, we are committed to investing in your growth through personalized training and mentorship to improve on your talents. We believe when you get better, we get better.

Our Benefits


How do you handle the unpredictable? With a schedule that is flexible enough to help you adapt to life as it happens.

Work from

In the office, by the pool, in an AirBNB for two months… the choice is yours. All that matters to us is that you’re happy and available to work.


We love to see our staff develop their skillset and get better. That’s why we offer $1,500 per year that you can use for training and classes to help become the best professional version of yourself.


To ensure we remain competitive in the market; we regularly review our total compensation package and adjust as necessary. When we said we want this to be the best decision you ever made, we weren’t kidding.


We are big believers in sharing the insights we’ve acquired over the years and providing feedback that will help you develop your skills, be more efficient and, ultimately successful.

access FREE

Your wellness matters to us. That’s why we have a full-service gym at the office to help you stay active and healthy.

classes FREE

If you want to succeed in this business, knowing a second language is a valuable skill. That’s why we offer free one-on-one tutoring in English or French.

Events &

To build a strong, unified team, we offer a roster of activities and events like volleyball, meditation, impromptu get-togethers, and employee driven initiatives. Have an idea for an activity you think would be fun? Let’s hear it!


To make the office feel less like an office, we have a relaxing lounge for breaks and one-on-one meetings, a hoteling system (no assigned desks) and all the free coffee and snacks you can handle.

Open Roles

Get to know us

Nicolas Domingue

During my five years at Journey Capital, I’ve had the privilege of working in various roles that contributed significantly to my professional growth. I am grateful for the support, mentorship, and opportunities provided by Journey Capital, especially its culture of encouragement and continuous improvement. This culture has empowered me both personally and professionally.

Adam Aberback

I’ve been with Journey Capital for over 10 years now, which should speak for itself. The company has provided me with ample opportunities for professional and personal growth and supported me every step of the way, be it with mentorship or sponsored annual training. Having the opportunity to work remotely, or in the office, has been extremely valuable to me as well. The perfect balance of career development and flexibility is hard to come by and I can say with 100% certainty that Journey Capital has it figured out.

Carina Clendinneng

I’ve found more than just a job at Journey Capital. It’s a workplace where support, honesty, and responsibility are truly valued. We all work together, from top to bottom, and recognize each other’s contributions. The environment is a good balance of fun and creativity, while still being focused and performance-driven. Although each day brings its challenges, it is always rewarding. I am excited for the future as our journey continues.

Seini Leiataua

Working at Journey Capital has been an incredibly rewarding experience. With a fantastic team, flexible work-from-home options, and competitive compensation, it’s easily the best company I’ve worked for. The company prioritizes employee well-being and growth, offering perks like free coffee, snacks, and even covering the cost of training. What truly stands out, though, is the supportive leadership that makes me feel valued and appreciated every day.

Pavina Trichanh

It’s remarkable to be part of a company that genuinely cares about its employees, demonstrating real empathy rather than seeing us as just numbers. The transparency here aligns perfectly with my values. It’s the best workplace I’ve ever been a part of, and even my friends are envious of our company culture.

Louis Blais

I’ve taken advantage of the flexibility to work abroad twice in the last few years and I am grateful for this opportunity. In 2020 I escaped the lockdowns and the winter to go work in Tunisia for 3 months. It was such a good experience that I repeated the journey in 2022 for 2 months, and with everything I learnt from the first trip, I was even better prepared and maximized the benefits of working abroad. The level of trust and flexibility from the company was very inspiring and speaks volumes about the company culture.