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We help bring entrepreneurs one step closer to making their dreams, goals, and business ambitions a reality.

Journey Capital is the culmination of our own journey towards empowering Canadian entrepreneurs. With a rich history of transformations, we’ve navigated through challenges and set a course for an independent and determined future that represents our values.

We aim to optimize the entrepreneurial journey by providing a first-class online lending experience. We firmly believe that online shouldn’t mean impersonal, so we nurture our client relationships so we can provide businesses with the right credit products, tools, and insights precisely when they need.

A people-first lender.

We take pride in being customer-centric, from
application to repayment. We don’t work for clients; we work with them. We’re more than a fintech and more than just a lender, and our clients are more than just a business. We’re people, first and foremost.

We believe in transparency, responsible lending, and providing bilingual service across Canada. But it’s our team’s sincere desire to help that truly sets us apart.

Our journey.

2008: The financial crisis

The Financial Crisis is felt by all – but hits the small business community especially hard. Banks tighten up their credit leaving most small businesses out in the cold. This creates a credit gap, a void to be filled, and Fintech lenders like OnDeck step up and disrupt an entire industry. Our founders, David Souaid and Harley Greenspoon, take notice.

2009: Mercantile Advance is born

Mercantile Advance, the first iteration of the company we are today, is born. Offering a singular product – merchant cash advances – to Canadian small businesses. We establish our presence and slowly start to expand.

2011: Kicking things up a notch

Neil Wechsler joins the team as principle, bringing a wealth of experience and new ideas on how to scale the business to the next level. The team begins discussions on new products, a new application, and a new brand.

2014: The Evolocity rebrand

Mercantile Advance unveils a visual rebrand to Evolocity Financial Group. This bright new visual direction launches alongside our second product, Business Term Loan, and the first iteration of our online application.

2017: A vote of confidence

Evolocity enters into a $15M funding facility with BMO, a first for us and the first time BMO provides funding to an online small business lender in Canada.

2019: A winning combination
with OnDeck

We are given the opportunity to combine with our US role model, OnDeck. An exciting and transformative time for us. We stretch out of our comfort zones, and we learn a lot. OnDeck Canada launches in September 2019 and the company gears up for major growth in 2020.

2020: The pandemic

Less than three months into 2020, the pandemic stops us in our tracks. We adapt and do our best to make it work while many others go dark. We continue supporting small businesses as they struggle with the new reality while protecting our employees with remote work. We learn how resilient we can be when pushed to the limit.

2022: Regaining momentum

Finally, in 2022, our hard work and resilience begins to pay off. After almost two years of uncertainty, we regain momentum once again. With the worst of the pandemic behind us, we have a new outlook and new-found confidence in our capabilities. Neil, Harley, and David make the decision to undertake a management buyout so we can be in full control of our destiny once again, because we have big plans.

2023: A true and
conscious rebrand

As a follow up to the management buyout, we choose to undertake another rebrand. But this time we want to do things differently. We want more than a new logo and colours. We want a brand that truly reflects the company we’ve become and the values we stand for. So, we tap into our single most important resource – our employees. With the help of their voice, we develop a brand that truly feels like us and we are so proud of the result.

2024: A new Journey

Say hello to Journey Capital. It takes its inspiration from the entrepreneurial journey. A journey that is ongoing because there’s always another milestone on the horizon, and we’re here to be your partner on that path to success. We do not truly succeed unless you do. The rest remains unwritten for now, but we’re excited to see what will happen next.

Why Journey Capital

Serving small business
is everything we do

We understand that time is of the essence for small business owners so we are committed to providing fast and flexible financing solutions.

Neil Wechsler — CEO, Journey Capital


Neil Wechsler
Chief Executive Officer

David Souaid
Chief Revenue Officer

Harley Greenspoon
Chief Operating Officer

Cameron Nelson
Senior Vice President,

Natalie Bowmer
Vice President
People & Culture

Melanie Bufo
Vice President,
Marketing & Communications

Peter Rennie
Vice President,
Software Development

Mickey Zheng
Vice President,

Alexandre Louf
Vice President,

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