A business loan on your terms.

More choice

Whether you need a lot or just a little, we’re here to get you to that next milestone. Choose loan amounts ranging from as little as $5,000, up to $300,000 and term lengths ranging from 4-24 months.

Repay your way

The choices don’t stop there. We offer daily or weekly repayment options. Choose the frequency that makes the most sense for your business and we’ll do the rest. We set up automatic repayments on your behalf because you have more important things to do.

Clear pricing

We offer competitive rates compared to other online lenders, but we are more expensive than your bank. Our lending advisors will clearly explain how pricing3 works so you can make the best possible decision for your business.

Do more with Dual Financing.

Get where you’re going faster and bundle your Business Term Loan with a Business Line of Credit. Use your loan to fund planned projects and enjoy financing on demand with a line of credit for any unplanned expenses that come your way.

Chart a new path with a Business Term Loan.

Got big plans for your small business? Put your term loan to work for a variety of needs to reach that next milestone.

Funding your path forward is simple.


Apply online

Complete our online application to find out how much you qualify for. Applying is 100% risk free. There is no obligation to continue and applying will not affect your credit score.


Fast funding

Get up to $300,000 in as little as 24 hours1,2. Your funds are deposited directly into your business bank and ready to use to move your business forward.


Automated repayments

We’re all about keeping things simple so we setup convenient automatic repayments for you. Choose from daily or weekly, whatever suits you best.

Business Term Loan FAQ

Is a Business Term Loan a good fit for my business?

Our Business Term Loan is a fast and accessible way to fund whatever your business needs. Ideal for planned projects or investments, they range from $5,000 to $300,000. Your funds will be deposited in your business bank account and ready for use in as little as 24 hours. And unlike a traditional term loan with a large monthly repayment, we break it down into manageable micro-repayments debited automatically either daily or weekly.

What are the minimum qualifications for a Business Term Loan?

To qualify for business financing with Journey Capital:

1) Your business must be based in Canada.
2) You must have a business bank account with a Canadian financial institution.
3) You must have business history of at least 6 months, with you as the business owner.
4) You must make a minimum of $100,000 in annual sales.

How does repayment work?

Our Business Term Loan offers fixed amount micro-repayments. Repayments are automatically debited either on a daily (weekdays only) or weekly basis until your loan is paid off.

How does Dual-Financing work?

Dual Financing allows you to combine a Business Line of Credit with either a Business Term Loan or a Flex Funds Advance. Part of your approved amount is funded on a Business Line of Credit and the remainder is funded on either a Business Term Loan or a Flex Funds Advance. You benefit from all the features of a Business Line of Credit plus all the features of that secondary credit product. Regardless of the preferred product you selected at the time of your application, you may be eligible for Dual Financing. Inquire with your Lending Advisor.

How can I check my balance owing?

To check your balance owing:

1) Log into your MyPortal.
2) From the menu on the left, select My Funds.
3) the Payout Amount indicates the amount left to be paid on a given funding.

How can I check my repayment progress on my Business Term Loan?

To check your repayment progress on your Business Term Loan:

1) Log into your MyPortal.
2) From the menu on the left, select My Funds.

3) Select the active funding you want to view.
5) Your progress will be clearly demonstrated with a progress bar.

How is a Business Term Loan different from a Business Line of Credit?

With a Term Loan, you receive the full amount of financing up front and repay with fixed installments (daily or weekly) over the course of the term. With a Business Line of Credit, you are given a limit and have control as to when and how much you draw from it. A Business Term Loan is better suited for investments such as purchasing equipment or financing an expansion, while our Business Line of Credit is better suited for ongoing or unexpected expenses such as general cash flow or purchasing inventory. Learn more about our Business Line of Credit.

How is a Business Term Loan different from a Flex Funds Advance?

Flex Funds is an advance product that provides you with the full amount of financing up front and is repaid with variable, daily micro-payments using a small percentage of your daily card sales. With a Term Loan, you receive the full amount of financing up front and repay with fixed micro-repayments (daily or weekly) over the course of the term. Both are great options for planned projects or investments. Flex Funds is not a loan and its variable repayment tied to sales makes it an ideal fit for seasonal businesses or businesses with clearly defined sales cycles. Learn more about our Flex Funds Advance.

Funding subject to lender approval.
Flex Funds is not a loan but a sale of future credit and debit receivables.
1 On average, file processing can take 24-72 hours.
2 On average, funds are transferred within 24 hours upon receipt of an accepted financing contract.
3 Pricing for Business Term Loans ranges from 16%-25%, simple interest per year (for each dollar borrowed, the amount of interest paid ranges from $0.16-$0.25 per year). Lower rates available and may be offered to business with strong creditworthiness.