5 Questions With…Josh Jones, Senior Account Executive

1. Explain what you do in your role with On Deck.

I explore, develop, and contract financial institutions such as independent sales organizations, small business funding advisors, leasing brokers and other companies to strengthen the business’ sales with On Deck. By helping expand their operation or fine-tune efficiencies, I increase our partners’ profitability and units sold for On Deck.

2. Why did you decide to join On Deck?

Joining any young company comes with certain risks. But, with Noah Breslow’s vision and the backing of our “all star” board which consists of some of the most prominent business people known today, the decision was a no-brainer.

3. In your opinion, what is the best part about working at On Deck?

The company’s culture and our collaborative and open environment. Also, at On Deck, talented individuals are really recognized and integral to the company’s growth. Knowing that I can create my own career path with hard work and success is what gives me the energy to do better each day.

4. What advice would you give to someone looking to join the company?

This is a very quickly growing company, and the fast pace isn’t necessarily for everyone. But, if you plan to work hard and be diligent, you will have an opportunity to build a career for yourself.

5. What would someone be surprised to know about On Deck?

It’s not necessarily surprising, but more so impressive how dedicated everyone is here. Especially for a younger company, to find so many like-minded individuals striving for the same goal is difficult to find.