5 Signs that you’re an East Coast Business Owner

Perhaps no set of business owners are as idiosyncratic as the ones on the East Coast. Comment below if these signs describe you.

1. You keep clothes for every season at your office year round
Whether you’re in New England or farther down the coast, you’ve got to be ready for the weather to change up at any moment. Odds are you’re prepared for any kind of weather situation on any day: you still keep boots and a winter coat in the office, even in May.

2. There’s at least one Ivy Leaguer on your staff
East Coasters are quite proud of their educational standards, and the staff at any given business – large or small – will illustrate that. Yale, Harvard, UPenn, Columbia among others are all located on the East Coast, so you’re likely to see a larger percentage of Ivy League grads than other areas.

3. Weather patterns are a big part of your business strategy
East Coasters of all sorts know this maxim well: you’ve got to work your business around the weather, because the weather isn’t going to work around your business. New store location launches, for example, can’t be scheduled for the winter – for all you know, a major storm could close your location for an entire week right at launch!

4. The biggest conflict at your workplace is Red Sox vs. Yankees
We all have had workplace arguments, but most of us have never seen an argument at the tone and tenor achieved by two East Coasters arguing about sports. There is incredible intensity when New Yorkers and Bostonian argue about baseball, and ditto with dueling Yankees and a Mets fan!

5. No matter how much you hate the weather, you’ve never considered leaving
One last thing that most East Coasters have in common: they’re incredibly loyal. Whether you “Love New York,” consider yourself “Boston Strong” or pledge your allegiance to another East Coast city, odds are high that you can’t even think about moving anywhere else.