6 Fall Productivity ‘Hacks’ for Small Businesses

With Halloween, and Thanksgiving right around the corner, its an easy time to get distracted. To keep you focused, we found these six different “productivity hacks” to help both you and your employees get more done during the holiday lead-up.

1. Inspire your workers to get a “full night’s rest” each evening – and get one yourself, too.

2. Eat bananas, and other healthy foods, regularly – including during work hours.

3. Using multiple computer monitors at once, which has been proven to increase productivity significantly.

4. Put plants in your cubicles and office space; they boost creativity levels.

5. Control the temperature as much as possible; it’s getting colder outside, it doesn’t need to inside as well.

6. Try to limit use of email to predetermined time periods or intervals.

Remember, staying productive is a science – it can be influenced and created, through other details and factors.

What are your small business productivity hacks? Tell us in the comments below.