6 Small Business Podcast Recommendations

You might think of podcasts as pure entertainment, stories to listen to on your commute or at the gym. But today’s heyday of podcasting is bringing a variety of voices right to your ears, and many of them have expertise in small business or stories to tell about building and running companies.

Here are recommendations for podcasts that small business owners will love listening to—and may even learn from.

The Small Business Report with Gordon Deal

Gordon Deal is a popular talk show host who came up at the Wall Street Journal. His savvy and energy help him tell the small business stories of the day in a way that always feels engaging and relevant. You’ll finish each podcast with plenty of ideas for managing people or launching products you might want to implement at your own shop.

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This self-reflective podcast began by reporting on the genesis of the very podcast company that produces it, a media outlet called Gimlet. In subsequent seasons, the hosts delve into the day-to-day life at other companies to tell of the trials and triumphs of business ownership from a very intimate perspective.

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American Public Media: Marketplace

This daily syndicated show presents the need-to-know stories that affect the economy and business owners across the nation. Host Kai Ryssdal has a sense of humor and a clever way of analyzing the news of the day that helps his information stick with listeners.

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HBR Ideacast

Short weekly podcasts make for perfect audio while you’re doing administrative tasks at work or folding laundry at home. The podcast consists of interviews with smart entrepreneurs and owners, and though it’s geared towards big company executives, there’s much to interest small business people too.

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TEDTalks Business

The TED enterprise has taken the world by storm, and the podcast arm of the franchise is the most efficient way of getting your dose of inspiration and surprising business research without planting yourself in front of YouTube for long performances. TEDTalks are known to be motivating, so plan to get right to work after listening.

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Get-It-Done Guy’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Work Less and Do More

The get-it-done-guy’s words are actionable. A listen through one of his podcasts, and you’ll feel empowered to conquer your email inbox, manage your employees better, and negotiate a harder bargain with suppliers. Concise examples, rather than broad generalizations, can really help you improve.

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Download a few podcasts before you next hit the road, hop on the train, or refile old paperwork. You’ll likely be entertained, and you might gain insight into your business, too.