Carissa Reiniger: On a Mission to Thank Small Businesses

This week, the On Deck Team sat down with the brains behind Thank You Small Business – the movement to raise awareness about the impact small businesses have on the national economy. As a big supporter of the grassroots movement, we wanted to share Carissa’s story and let others know how they can get involved.

Thank You Small Business - Carissa

OD: What inspired you to start “Thank You Small Business”?

CR: As the founder of Silver Lining Ltd (a company that helps small business owners set and hit financial goals with our SLAP methodology), small businesses owners have always been a group of people I am extremely passionate about. About 9 months ago I started writing my 3rd book – this one teaching the entire general public about how important small business is to the economy. The book is essentially an entire work in support of my belief that we CAN change the economy one small business at a time. As I was writing the book I got really inspired about how important this message is and thought to myself- “Why just write a book when we could start a campaign?!” So, I started reaching out to the small business advocates I knew of – On Deck included – to see how we could turn this idea into a reality. The reception was really positive, and everything just took off from there.

OD: What’s been your biggest challenge?

CR: Everyone is this world is just so beyond busy – small business owners, my partners, my colleagues. There is so much good intention out there, but a lack of adequate time. Figuring out how to be efficient with my time and overcoming some systematic challenges were my biggest obstacles.

OD: What were you most surprised about when getting the movement off the ground?

CR: It may sound funny, but I was pleasantly surprised by everyone’s reception: it’s been overwhelmingly positive. For anyone who has ever put together something with this many elements and moving parts, you know that you can put months and months into something, and you really never know what’s going to happen. I am constantly amazed at the fact that it is all actually working and that people are engaging in such a significant way. It is getting bigger and better than I had even expected!

OD: How can small business owners get involved?

CR: There are so many great ways for any small business owner to get involved. We have free live events still coming up in Philadelphia, Dallas, Detroit and Tucson for any small business owners located in those markets. We have an amazing webinar series with over 20 free webinars that are being run throughout March and April. And, we have a completely free Resource Center that you can access online full of free stuff to help you grow your business. And more. It is all outlined and available at You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook- using #Tysmallbiz.

For more information about Thank You Small Business, click here.