Customer Story – Wilson’s Heating and Air Conditioning

Wilson’s Heating and Air Conditioning is one of On Deck’s customer success stories. Steve Wilson has been in the air conditioning business in Texas for over 20 years, growing his company from a one man shop to a business that now has 26 full time employees. In early 2010 Steve went to his bank for a loan that he wanted to use toward a down payment on a new box truck for the business, and to help keep up with his business during the typically slow winter months. His banker (who he had known for 15 years) told him that the bank would not be able to help him.

Steve started searching online for alternative financing options, and found On Deck Capital where he submitted his loan application. On Deck’s underwriting platform analyzed his business data and determined that Steve’s business was healthy, with excellent cash flow – and a few days later he had the money in his bank account.

“The loan was fantastic for us – it is nice to have someone who actually looks at your business information before making a decision” Steve says. And he especially likes the daily payments that On Deck uses “completely painless – I don’t have to think about it”. Business is booming for Steve, and in addition to the truck that he bought with the help of his On Deck loan – he has recently purchased 3 others for the company.