Customer Success Story: Gaines Motor Coaches

Thursday, January 12, 2012 by On Deck Our latest On Deck Customer Success Story comes from the Las Vegas-based and family-owned Gaines Motor Coaches, a leading provider of transportation services and logistics for the music industry. It was certainly one of the more hip businesses we’ve heard of! We spoke at length with Group VP Seth Perlman about Gaines Motor Coach’s trajectory and future growth objectives. Established in early 2000, Seth and his team bring 20 years of experience and a dedication to providing up and coming music acts with a safe, affordable and reliable coach buses and vehicles when touring. Seth needed some additional working capital in order to upgrade several buses with new interiors for upcoming tours he had in the pipeline. After learning about On Deck from a business associate, Seth did some extensive due diligence – he even dug up our Wall Street Journal mention from last year. After deciding to take a loan with On Deck, he said:

“Everybody at On Deck knows what they are doing. They gave me a shot when others wouldn’t, and I appreciate that. I hope you guys keep doing what you’re doing.”

We also heard a reality show about the entire Gaines Motor Coach team may be in the works – we’ll be sure to keep everyone posted. We wish Seth and his team the best of luck!