Customer Success Story: Private Chauffer Club Small Business Loan

Julien Tumma started his limousine business in 2007 with a single car in New York. Since then, Private Chauffer Club has grown to include 10 cars, and a division that handles bookings throughout the country.

This summer Julien needed a loan to help keep up with his fast growth, and to pay for a new office for the business. He approached his bank about a loan, excited to show them that he was cash flow positive and that his revenues were growing monthly. Unfortunately, the actual health of his business didn’t matter much to the bank because his credit score wasn’t strong enough. “I had a good credit score, but not a great credit score” he says “and part of the reason my credit score wasn’t great was because my credit card company recently cut my credit limit – which made my debt to credit ratio look high”.

Frustrated that his bank wasn’t interested in the true health of his business, he found On Deck after searching online for alternatives to traditional bank loans. “When they explained that my business financials were more important than my credit score, I knew I was talking to the right company” he says. Julien quickly had a $20,000 small business loan from On Deck, and his business continues to expand.

On Deck wishes Julien & Private Chauffer Club continued success!