Warming Trends

Day 3: National Small Business Week – Warming Trends, LLC Tells Us Why They Love It

To brighten our spirits on this dreary Wednesday here in New York City, today we’re featuring Warming Trends, LLC – a family-owned and operated specialty fire pit manufacturer – based in Sheridan, Colorado. We spoke with Tre Rudig, head of Web & Marketing for the business.

Warming Trends

1. What is your business, and how did you get started?

We are a family owned and operated business that has been in around for over 18 years. We specialize in making and manufacturing high-end, quality fire pits and fire systems for residential or commercial outdoor entertainment space.

2. What do you love most about being a small business owner?

What isn’t there to love about being a small business owner? Working with clients from all over the country and in some cases, the world, allows us to work on something different on a daily basis. Being in the business of helping homeowners and commercial properties build custom designs is what we love to do.

There are no cookie cutter models we work with and seeing pictures customers send in along with testimonials are as rewarding as the paychecks. It is up to us, as a family, to deliver a quality product with great customer service and we take great pride in that each and every day.

3. How is your business helping your local community?

We work with a lot of local Colorado small businesses as well as commercial properties around the country. We take pride in helping them expand their outdoor seating areas and patios to create the perfect gathering spot for their patrons. From downtown bars and restaurants to ski resorts up in the mountains, we help the community by bringing a warm glow to their patio.

And, our products are also environmentally friendly. With us, you burn half the fuel of conventional fire ring systems so you save on fuel consumption.

4. If you could tell a new customer one thing that makes your business great, what would it be?

Not only can we custom build any burning system to meet their needs, but we are also helping customers save money in the long term. We have cutting edge technology that allows our product to outperform all others on the market by providing twice the flame while burning half the fuel. This keeps money in the customer’s pocket and reduces exhaust and soot in the environment.