Dear Mr. President: Small Business Owners Have Something to Say

Small business owners are often referred to as community leaders – and it’s not just because their businesses serve as important pillars in their town or city. As one recent study from the National Small Business Association illustrates, entrepreneurs are an incredibly politically involved group. In fact, the stats seem to suggest that small business owners play a huge role in who does and doesn’t get elected in local governments.

According to the latest NSBA study, roughly 95% of small business owners regularly vote in national elections. Furthermore, 63% of small firms have contributed money to a candidate’s campaign. In some recent years, the numbers have fluctuated even higher: in 2012, roughly 97% of small business owners voted in national elections.

The takeaway of these findings seems clear: small business owners are helping to shape the political landscape of this country. Almost 4 out of every five small business owners voted in local and city elections during the course of the past year. Additionally, almost 90% voted in state elections as well.

Of course, it’s fairly easy to understand why it’s so important for small business owners to be politically engaged. The people in the local government help determine zoning laws, as well as licensing and compliance regulations.

So entrepreneurs who make sure they keep up with local politics, and who support candidates who reflect their values, are doing more than just supporting their community. They’re taking an important step toward supporting their own business. One might even say political involvement is necessary for successful business owners – and as these statistics show, most entrepreneurs know it.