On Deck Capital Launches Free Business Credit Tools

On Deck Capital is excited to announce the launch of the first ever tools to help small business owners evaluate their credit options and gain insights into how lenders look at their business.

Using the new service, business owners can now enroll for free at www.ondeckcapital.com, and in 5 minutes will:

  • Receive a recommendation on their best lending options based on their business data (Bank / SBA, Short term business loan, Factoring etc)
  • See how their business is viewed by lenders, and learn how to improve their standing
  • Receive free business performance reports analyzing cash flow and other metrics
  • Have the ability to apply for an On Deck loan (if qualified)

The majority of small business owners are denied capital when they seek financing from their bank. The new On Deck service finally gives them insights into how they are viewed by lenders, and what their best options are based on their business data. We are very excited about this launch, and invite all small business owners to enroll today for free to learn more about their financing options!