The On Deck Team at La Pasta Bistro Grill

Continuing in the tradition of Dirty Bird To-Go, the On Deck Team took a trip to one of our local customers La Pasta Bistro Grill in the West Village last week. After dining on the authentic Italian food, we sat down with owner Nazmul Chowdhury to learn more about his experience as a restaurant owner.

In the restaurant industry for over 20 years, Nazmul purchased La Pasta Bistro Grill from his mentor a few years ago. Being located in a student and tourist laded area created a seasonal cash flow issue for Nazmul. He needed financing to manage cash flow during his slow season, but found his bank’s process too time consuming for his schedule.

La Pasta Grille

After finding On Deck online, Nazmul decided to apply after learning how fast we can deliver capital. From start to finish the process took him 2 days, and Nazmul had the funding he needed to prepare for the tourist heavy Spring season.

We wish Nazmul and the La Pasta Bistro Grill Team the best of luck, and look forward to your success!