On Deck Technology On Display in Chicago

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 by On Deck

This week On Deck is in Chicago for the BAI Retail Delivery conference to show how the On Deck technology platform can solve the challenges of delivering capital to Main Street.

Today, President Bill Clinton is giving the keynote speech for the conference. During an address this summer at the Clinton Global Initiative America, he highlighted the problems facing both business owners and the banks that serve them:

“For at least 40 years its been hard for small businesses to get a loan from a bank. To be fair to the banks it’s because the transaction costs of small loans don’t create much return”

On Wednesday, On Deck Founder Mitch Jacobs will be presenting with U.S. Bank Senior Vice President Robert Kaufman: “The Main Street Opportunity: How Technology is Changing Small Business Lending”

We’re excited to show how the On Deck technology platform is efficiently delivering capital to Main Street, and how its expanded use can make a significant impact on the economic challenges facing the country.