Fintech Fridays Podcast – Revolutionizing small business lending & empowering entrepreneurs

In episode 60 of the Fintech Fridays Podcast, David Souaid, Chief Revenue Officer at OnDeck Canada, joins Craig Asano to discuss his insights on the current and future state of online financing. Their conversation explores the origins and mission of OnDeck Canada, working capital challenges faced by small businesses, upcoming trends in small business lending, and much more. To give a sneak peek into the conversation, here are three key clips:

1. Financing Success Story

Small businesses take financing for many reasons. For example, a restaurant may want to expand due to high demand but lacks the cash to do so. Listen to David go more in-depth on this use case.

2. What Sets OnDeck Canada Apart

OnDeck Canada is proud to deliver a unique human experience while leveraging technology for small business financing. Watch David elaborate on this approach.

3. Our Products

When it comes to small business financing, some businesses may require more repayment flexibility, while others prefer a fixed approach. David talks about choosing the right financing product for different situations.

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