The Only Gadgets Your Small Business Needs

We’ve put together a brand-agnostic selection of tools that can make life easier at any office. Better yet, all the tools listed below can be obtained for a low price (or in some cases, for free.)

Think about all the things you have plugged into USB drives across the office: phones, tablets, external hard drives, keyboards and a mess of other items. What if you could have them all plugged into the same place – and what if they all ran faster than ever before? With a high-speed “USB Hub,” you can do that. These items can be found easily anywhere that sells computer tech, as well.

Electronic signature programs
Think of all the different times you’ve had to send out contracts, or have received them yourself. It’s an annoying process – signing and mailing contracts, copies of contracts, and over again. That’s why you should invest in programs that allow you to capture “e-signatures” – you’ll be able to stop the mailing, and take care of all these issues via email in a matter of minutes. DocuSign is considered the gold standard of electronic signature programs.

Cloud-based backup programs
It’s the worst nightmare for any business: what if your computers or hard drives are corrupted, and you lose much of your data or files? Now you can protect yourself against that fear. Programs that back up your data to the cloud are easy-to-obtain and can often come at a low-cost. While they were once reserved for larger businesses, these systems like Carbonite are becoming increasingly accessible to small businesses.

What’s your favorite gadget for your small business?
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