Halloween Candy Tax Deductions? Yes Please!

You might have heard of any number of common business tax deductions, but have you thought about candy?

Believe it or not, you can deduct your Halloween candy in three ways:

1. Promote Your Business with Candy
According to the Mazuma blog, one way you can do this is by using candy to promote your business. If you pass out candy today with your business cards or other promotional material attached, you can turn that chocolate bar into a deduction.

2. Connect with Customers
Who doesn’t like free candy? Consider shipping some of your Halloween candy to prospective customers or current customers. As long as the candy promotes your business and services, it can be lumped into more traditional business deductions.

3. Donate Your Leftover Candy
At the end of Halloween, you might have some leftover candy. Rather than throw it away, think about donating it. Forbes contributor Kelly Phillips Erb wrote that donated candy can be a deduction if it goes to a qualified charitable organization.

Also, always remember to ask first – a charity for underprivileged children might appreciate the gesture more than an art museum, Erb explains.

Then again… you could always just eat all of the candy!