Thank You Small Business

Hobbies Cost Money…Businesses Make Money

On Deck is excited to announce its role as a sponsor for “Thank You Small Business,” a movement to create awareness and support small businesses nationwide. The campaign is seeking to raise the general public’s awareness about small business’ true impact on the economy. According to TYSB, small businesses accounted for 68% of new jobs created between 1993 and 2011. We felt furthering TYSB’s mission was a natural fit for On Deck, and we’re looking forward to helping to spread the word.

In an effort to help small business owners connect with each other, TYSB is hosting a 10-city tour across the country that is free for small businesses to attend. On Deck helped kick-off the New York event this week alongside sponsors such as Citrix, American Airlines and Nespresso.

The session included a “Small Business Growth Checklist,” with tips on how to ensure your business objectives are aligned with your daily actions. In addition to connecting with our fellow sponsors, we always enjoy an opportunity to provide local small business owners with helpful content!

Thank You Small Business also provides lots of tools and support for small businesses (including helpful webinars, resources on growing your business, etc.). For more information, click here.