You know you’re a west coast business owner when….

It seems that West Coast business owners live in a different country than most others – one with year-round sunshine and organic products aplenty. If you want to see whether you could fit in that box – or if you’re a West Coast business owner yourself – then check out the maxims listed below.

1. You drive. Everywhere.
In New York City, Boston, Chicago and numerous other major cities, the story remains the same: you take the subway to work if you’re lucky, and you take the bus to work if you are not. That doesn’t hold true in Los Angeles or other major West Coast cities, though. In these areas, everyone has a car – it’s the only way to travel. If you drive yourself to work each day, then you’ve definitely got a little bit in common with the average West Coast business owner.

2. You don’t have a winter slowdown. In fact, you don’t even own winter clothes.
Businesses on the East Coast and in the Midwest are always preparing for winter slowdowns. They know that business activity drops just as temperatures do, and they make preparations to protect themselves through those months. Not West Coast business owners, though. That crew can sell their products outdoors all year round if they want to – they don’t know what the phrase “winter slowdown” could even refer to. West Coast business owners probably don’t even own their own winter coat!

3. You get your best ideas outside
Let’s be honest: those on the West Coast are all about healthy living. The warmer temperatures allow you to be outside more, and we’ve heard from more than one business owner that they get their best ideas being outside while hiking, biking or just enjoying the great outdoors.

4. You have a flea market strategy
Although West Coast business owners don’t need a winter strategy, most need a flea market strategy! Flea market locations are available all over the west, allowing business owners to ply their wares and attract new shoppers from different locations and backgrounds. Off-location sales and booths are essential to the success and to the ongoing small business financing counted on by West Coast business owners. And at the end of the day, even if they don’t trudge through the snow or wait for the subway, they’re working just as hard as small business owners located anywhere else.