Meet Our Toronto $5K Prize Winner, Underdog’s Brewhouse

To celebrate our recent Canadian expansion, we held contests in Toronto and Vancouver to give small businesses the opportunity to win $5,000 (CAD) by answering one simple question, Why Do You Love Being a Small Business Owner?

We received hundreds of submissions from very worthy small businesses of all kinds, and it was hard to pick from so many inspiring stories! We chose our winners because we believe they demonstrate the passion, resolve, and pride that makes a successful small business thrive.

Meet Underdog’s Brewhouse!

Underdog’s Brewhouse, specializing in craft beer, hails from a town just outside Toronto – or as owners and brothers Jeff and Eric Dornan would say – “the shadows of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).”

Underdog’s entry revealed a can-do attitude, pride in their hometown, and desire to go toe-to-toe with the “Goliaths of Beer” with their small business and flagship brew, the All or Nothing Hopfenweisse.

Jeff Dornan left a special message for OnDeck’s fans and readers:

Jeff’s and Eric’s major purchase was leasing a forklift, which helps them immensely with loading and unloading their branded delivery vehicles, saving them lots of company time and labor.  It also allows Jeff and Eric to hit the road and see more potential accounts.

They also purchased some custom yellow tap “medallions” that some of their licensee’s feature in their draft towers as extra advertising to increase brand recognition.

Their last purchase is miniature vintage fridge toy that they use as a display at events where they share samples of their refreshing brew.Underdogs Medallion

We’re going follow Underdog’s Brewhouse over the next several weeks and see how they are progressing. Check back soon for another update!