November Roundup: Headlines From Around the Web

Our blog isn’t the only place you can read what we’re saying about the world of small business. Here’s what we don’t want you to miss from November:

USA Today: Where the Rubber Hits the Road: What it Really Takes to Succeed on Main Street—Noah Breslow

There’s no shortcut to driving business success, but Noah shares the advice of one of our customers, Tom Bernard of ProCraft Interiors, who says there are three places where the rubber hits the road you can’t afford to ignore. I think you’ll agree.

TriplePundit: Winning Against the Big Box Stores—Andrea Gellert

Competing with the big box stores can be a challenge for many small businesses, but Andrea shares powerful ways to differentiate your business from the big chains. What are you doing to beat the big box stores?

Forbes: Confidence Is Up and Delinquency Is Down: Good News For Small Business—Ty Kiisel

Experian and Moody’s Analytics Small Business Credit Index for Q3 has good news for small business owners and creditors alike. The number of businesses with 100 employees or less improved their payment behavior, reducing the number of days they paid their bill beyond contracted terms by 19 percent. This boosted the average commercial risk score by 4.5 percent—great news for small business borrowers.

AGBeat: 6 Ways to Avoid Wasting Time When Applying for a Business Loan—Ty Kiisel

Across the country, the average small business owner spends about 25-26 hours looking for a small business loan. That includes looking for lenders, completing applications, and otherwise plowing through reams of paperwork. Ty shares six things you can do to make the process easier, and will help you avoid wasting time.

VAntagePoint: Eleven Tips for Running a Successful Small Business From One Veteran to Another—Ty Kiisel

Veterans make great entrepreneurs. To celebrate veterans in November, one of our customers, Tom Bernard of ProCraft Interiors, shared with Ty the 11 things he believes make a successful business. Tom may have been talking to veterans, but it’s great advice for every small business owner.

Veterans Enterprise: Veterans to CEO: Small Business Success—Ty Kiisel

Veterans own roughly 9% of all American firms and employ in the neighborhood of six million people. That’s just about the same number of people who live in cities like Philadelphia, Boston, Detroit, or Dallas-Fort Worth. Their military training gave them focus, but it’s not the only thing that makes them successful. Ty suggests there are three traits many veterans share that make them great small business leaders.

SCORE: Financing, Taxes, and Payroll, Oh My!—Ty Kiisel

If you’ve been looking for resources to help you learn more about small business financing, bookkeeping, or tax accounting, look no further. Our friends at SCORE published a handful of resources Ty put together that will help any small business owner.

We appreciate that running a small business isn’t for the faint-hearted. Whether your competing with the big box stores, looking for a small business loan, or trying to make a difference where the rubber hits the road, we’re with you every step of the way.

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