OnDeck Success Story: Axis Pack N Ship

About Axis Pack N Ship
Like most entrepreneurs, Raj Gauri always knew he wanted to be his own boss and run his own business. As a result, he’s been serving his customers for 16 years out of his Norwalk, CT Axis Pack N Ship. In addition to shipping all over the world, he and his employees offer mailbox rental as well as boxes and other packaging supplies to their customers.

Gauri Was Looking For Capital To Expand
Like many small business owners, Gauri was looking for borrowed capital to fund expansion so he wouldn’t need to tie up his cashflow. He liked the idea of a line of credit—giving him access to extra capital if he needed it, but he wouldn’t have to pay interest on what he didn’t access.

“I wasn’t interested in a credit card advance,” said Carrillo. “The cost of capital was just too high and didn’t make sense for me. I wanted a line of credit I could access as needed and pay off quickly.”

An OnDeck Line of Credit Made Sense For Axis Pack N Ship
“I was trying to add another profit center to my business, but it was going to require some investment,” said Gauri. “The OnDeck line of credit just made a lot of sense from an ROI perspective and the application process was simple and convenient. I liked that fact I didn’t need to waste a lot of time going into a bank branch, and the six-month term is perfect—I could access the capital quickly, pay it off, and be done.”

Like many business owners that leverage financing to grow, Gauri is very aware of how much every dollar of borrowed capital costs. A short-term line of credit made sense for him because he had instant access to capital to grow his business when he needed it and control over how much he spent per dollar to do it.

What Advice Does He Have For Other Small Business Owners?
Gauri suggests the mantra: “Keep your costs as low as possible.”

Like most keys to success, it’s sometimes the simple things that can trip you up. Keeping costs under control is an important part of running a profitable business.

“Controlling costs includes the cost of borrowing,” say Gauri. “Keeping you loan terms short reduces that cost—use what you need and pay it back quickly.”