The 3 Coolest Small Businesses in Tampa

With interesting retail stores, dedicated non-profits and creative eateries, Tampa is home to a number of incredible local businesses that play an integral role in the community. Although we think all small businesses are cool, below are three that are really caught our eye.

1. Bill Jackson’s Inc.
Located in Pinellas Park, Florida, Bill Jackson’s Inc. is a small business that specializes in outdoor goods and services. Here, shoppers can pick up the gear they need for hiking, climbing, kayaking and many more exciting activities. A range of educational classes makes getting outdoors easier than ever.

2. Success 4 Kids & Families
This Tampa-based non-profit offers in-home treatment options for families with children dealing with behavioral, emotional or mental health concerns. Staff members take a holistic approach to the process, working with the entire family to help children realize their full potential.

3. VectorLearning, Inc.
VectorLearning, Inc. offers continuing online education and training for a variety of professionals across multiple industries. With a full-time staff of fewer than 100 people, this small business helps its clients reduce costs, mitigate risk, and increase worker productivity

What’s your favorite small business in Tampa? Tell us in the comments below.