The Month-Long Financial Event You Might Not Know About

Did you know that April was Financial Literacy Month? I was tempted to call it a celebration, but admittedly, “celebration” would have been an overstatement. I understand that most entrepreneurs don’t jump into business ownership because they’re excited about the financial responsibilities like doing the books, filing taxes, or financing their businesses—but they are all part of the package and key to success.

Understanding how business credit works is an important part of the financial literacy you need for those times when borrowing capital makes sense to help your business grow and thrive. Last month, in partnership with SCORE, I shared a webinar discussion that dug into Business Credit, and included five suggestions to start building a rock-solid business credit profile.

We took a deep dive into what the business credit bureaus look at when they evaluate your business, how they compare your business to other similar businesses in your area and your industry, and the differences between business and personal credit.

Following the webinar was a great Q&A that brought up several points I think most business owners would likely find informative. We didn’t get to all the questions, however, we’ve decided to hold a Twitter Chat and spend some time answering as many of the others as we can. Feel free to watch the webinar if you didn’t get a chance and join us on Twitter—April 20th, 1:00 PM Eastern Time, on the hashtag #AskTy—and bring your questions. I hope you’ll join us.