The Summer’s Best Business Credit Cards

All entrepreneurs have a number of different options they can turn to for small business financing, such as banks, lines of credit and direct lenders like OnDeck. Another common option, business credit cards, provides access to a line of credit in order to make purchases and withdrawals, and are ideal for tracking expenses by division.

If you are planning on using a business credit card, it’s important to know which ones are the best for your business. Citing data from CardHub and NerdWallet, we put together a list of some of the best business credit cards available.

Chase Ink Plus Business Card
NerdWallet ranks this card as the best one available to small business owners. That’s probably because of all the rewards: the news outlet notes that the card affords users all sorts of “points,” which can then be used to obtain future discounts. Better yet, with this card, there’s no foreign transaction fee. If you often travel internationally for business, this is the card for you.

Capital One Spark Cash for Business
According to Cardhub, this card offers significant cash back records – perfect for small business owners who expect to ring up a lot of high ticket items.

Citi Diamond Preferred Card
One of the cards suggested by Cardhub is the Citi Diamond Preferred business credit card. It’s easy to see why: this card offers the lowest 0 percent introductory term on the market, allowing business owners a minimum intro APR for 18 months.

Next time you are considering a new credit card for your business, be sure to remember the three detailed above.