Time Management 101 eBook: Take Back Your Time

Running a small business is no easy feat – as a business owner, you wear several hats to keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly all while strategizing for your business’ long term growth. But how do you find the time to get everything done?

In OnDeck’s latest Main Street Pulse Report, 61% of business owners surveyed told us they’re constantly racing against the clock, 49% said work/life balance is an illusion and 86% said time management is critical to success. So we launched a Time Management Series this month to help you be more efficient, sacrifice less personal time and get one step closer to achieving that elusive work/life balance.

The series provided time management tips for common time-consuming areas of running a business, including people operations/HR, customer service and marketing. These tips and more are also included in our series’ wrap-up eBook, available for download today – link below!

The OnDeck Time Management eBook is chock-full of tips and best practices to help you run a more efficient business. Here is a sneak peek at what you’ll find:

Recap of OnDeck’s Main Street Pulse Report: Time Management
Highlights from our latest Main Street Pulse Report, which examines how small business owners manage time and what they would do with more of it. The key takeaways?

There aren’t enough hours in a day:

  • 86% of small business owners said time management is one of the most critical components to running a successful small business
  • 61% of small business owners said that “they constantly feel they are racing against the clock”

Personal sacrifices are made in the name of success:

  • 49% sacrifice personal time
  • 18% sacrifice time with friends
  • 15% sacrifice time with family
  • 10% sacrifice their health

If given more time…

  • 43% would spend it with friends and family
  • 24% would invest it back into their business
  • 22% would take a vacation

Tips from OnDeck’s CEO Noah Breslow
OnDeck’s CEO Noah Breslow gives his take on time management and introduces five key tips:

  • Shorten meetings
  • Schedule everything
  • Be proactive
  • Take virtual notes
  • Step away as needed

Time Management Tips from the Experts
Three small business experts – David Bobbitt from The SCORE Foundation, Rieva Lesonsky from SmallBizDaily.com and Nicole Reyhle from Retail Minded – share their time management best practices:

  • Delegate
  • Be patient with yourself
  • Stay in control of your day
  • Don’t let social media bog you down

Time Management 101
Tips on efficiently running your business with particular focus on marketing, customer service, people operations/HR, finance, accounting and admin.

Work/Life Balance Best Practices
Best practices for balancing your busy work schedule and personal commitments. Three key takeaways:

  1. Fine the right time for necessary “after hours” work
  2. Plan ahead
  3. Accept imbalance

OnDeck Time Management eBook: For an in-depth look at these tips and best practices, download the eBook today!