Turning an Injury into a Business: Customer Success Story – Foot Solutions

Three years ago, Travis Clark started having knee problems. And after failing to find adequate footwear to accommodate his injury, a business idea was born.

He knew he couldn’t be alone in his problem, and decided to found trained footwear consultants Foot Solutions in Grove City, Ohio. The business began selling custom-made therapeutic shoe inserts for knee, hip and back pain in late 2009.

A largely seasonal business, Travis needed financing to purchase inventory for a large upcoming Summer rush. He first tried his local bank (an experience he characterized as “awful”) before learning about On Deck. After doing a bit of research online, he decided to apply.

One week later, he had the funds in hand he needed to purchase inventory and grow his business. Of his experience, Travis says:

“I didn’t know what to expect at first, but my experience with On Deck has just been fantastic. Now, On Deck will be my first stop when I need financing for my business.”

We wish the whole Foot Solutions team the best of luck, and look forward to their continued success.