Before & After: Whistle Stop Café

As a food-service industry veteran, Nora McGovern knew she was doing her Florida-based restaurant, The Whistle Stop Café, a disservice with the outdoor seating situation. Unable to secure financing from her local bank for some much-needed improvements she decided to turn to On Deck upon the suggestion of a colleague.

Of the experience, she said:

“Before I made these upgrades, if it rained or was too hot, customers went running. We were really missing out – being in Florida, outdoor seating is key. But with my loan from On Deck, I was able to increase the amount of customers I could service from 9 to 50, install umbrellas and an air-conditioning unit to keep everyone happy. We finished a little over a month ago, and my sales are already up 10% and still increasing.”

We wish Nora and the Whistle Stop Café Team the best of luck!